Saturday, September 18, 2010

Who's burning Obama in effigy?

Nope, it's not Palin or Beck or Hannity or those wacky crazy Tea Party activists.

It's Kashmiri Muslims.
Indian forces fought Kashmiri demonstrators in street battles that killed 15 people — including one police officer — in the deadliest day in a summer of violence challenging Indian rule in the disputed territory.

Reports of a Quran desecration in the United States intensified the anger, with activists chanting "Down with America" and burning an effigy of President Barack Obama in a rare anti-U.S. protest here. . . . .

In the past three summers, the mainly Muslim protesters have taken to the streets to throw stones and demand that the Himalayan region be given independence from Hindu-dominated India or be allowed to merge with predominantly Muslim Pakistan.

What do you think those protesters in support of a Ground Zero mosque would do if a 9/11 widow went to Kashmir as a missionary and tried to build a Baptist church? Actually, we know the answer.
Despite a rigid curfew after a weekend of violence, tens of thousands of protesters took to the streets Monday, throwing rocks, torching government buildings and a Christian school, and chanting, "Go India, go back. We want freedom."

Remember - - don't expect our president, New York's mayor, or any of the self appointed progressive intelligentsia in support of a Ground Zero mosque to speak out against the burning of a Christian school in Kashmir.

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