Thursday, September 2, 2010

Who's been president since January of 2009?

Five years after failed levees and a slow federal response wrought disaster here, people in this once-drowned city and across the Gulf Coast remembered the catastrophic floods of Hurricane Katrina with candlelight vigils, parades and a visit from the president.

President Obama, in town Sunday for the five-year remembrance, promised the government will help finish rebuilding New Orleans.

The rebuilding will bring the city improved schools, health care and housing, making it a better place than it was before Katrina, Obama told an invitation-only audience at Xavier University.

Obama has been president for one third of the time since Katrina.

Pelosi and Reid have controlled congress for most of the time since Katrina.

During that time, they've done nothing special for New Orleans (other than use the deficient Katrina response as a campaign issue).

No wonder Obama limited his appearances in New Orleans to pre screened friendly crowds and "an invitation-only audience".

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