Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mideast peace talks "uncertain"?

Jewish settlers released balloons and broke ground on a kindergarten in celebration Sunday as a 10-month construction slowdown expired. Meanwhile, U.S. and Israeli leaders tried to figure out how to keep Palestinians from walking out of peace talks over the end of the restrictions.

After the slowdown ran out at midnight, there was no Palestinian statement about the future of the talks. The Palestinians asked for an Oct. 4 meeting of an Arab League body to discuss the situation, possibly giving diplomats a week to work out a compromise.

Minutes after the expiration, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called on the Palestinians not to walk away, but instead to maintain constant contact “to achieve a historic framework accord within a year.” In a prepared statement, Netanyahu said his “intention to achieve peace is genuine.”

Mideast peace talks "uncertain"?

No, they're very certain.

There will be no peace.

Even if the parties sign a peace agreement, there will be no peace in Israel / Palestine, because at least 20% of Palestinians will never accept the existence of a Jewish majority state in Israel. Never.

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