Monday, September 6, 2010

Is it a "teachable moment" when Asian kids are abused in a ghetto school?

South Philadelphia High School . . . Fueled by rumors, a group of students roamed the halls searching for Asian victims until one was attacked in a classroom. Later, about 70 students stormed the cafeteria, where several Asians were beaten. About 35 students pushed past a police officer onto the so-called "Asian floor," but were turned back. After school, Asians being escorted home were attacked anyway by a mob of youths.

Almost all the attackers were black - but few observers believe the violence was due to racial hatred. Instead, they cite isolation of different groups within the school, certain students' warped "gangster" values, and for some, simmering resentments over perceived benefits for Asian students.

If almost all the victims were black, would "few observers believe the violence was due to racial hatred"? Would they "instead . . . cite isolation of different groups, . . . warped 'gangster' values . . . [or] simmering resentments over perceived benefits"? No, and no. These incidents would be called another gross reminder of American racism, and we'd all have to brace ourselves for another Obama intervention, followed by another Obama-style declaration of a "teachable moment".

If Obama really wanted to be the first post racial president, the one who binds our racial wounds, he would intervene, forcibly, in defense of these Asian students and against the thugs in that ghetto community.

But, he won't. Because, he doesn't want to. That "post racial" stuff was just empty campaign rhetoric.

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