Friday, September 17, 2010

Do you still think there's no government waste?

How does a city lose 2,500 feet of tunnels under its streets?

North Miami Beach would like to know.

Over a four-year period, the city contracted with a construction company to build 254 manholes -- the tunnels that run down from street level to utility pipes 8 to 10 feet below.

No one -- not the city public services department, the City Council or residents -- appears to know when, where, or if the manholes, part of a $2.2 million project, were ever built.

Of course, it gets worse - - the city does not know if over 22,500 feet (more than four miles) of water-and-sewer pipes it paid for were ever laid, or if 142 valves used to shut off flow to water pipes were ever installed.

That's in one small south Florida working class suburb.

Now, think of how much was stolen and / or wasted during the Obama administration's madcap multi trillion dollar spending spree.

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