Tuesday, September 28, 2010

More Islamophobia

Iranian forces crossed into neighboring Iraq and killed 30 fighters from a group it says was involved in last week's bombing of a military parade, state TV reported Sunday.

Gen. Abdolrasoul Mahmoudabadi of the elite Revolutionary Guards said the "terrorists" were killed on Saturday in a clash "beyond the border" and that his forces were still in pursuit of two men who escaped the ambush.

While Iran has said in the past it would target armed groups on Iraqi soil this is a rare case of it actually admitting to an attack.

Iraqi officials have complained in the past about Iranian artillery shelling its northern mountainous region where armed Kurdish opposition groups have taken refuge.

An explosion during a military parade in the town of Mahabad, in Iran's northwestern Kurdish region, killed 12 women and children on Wednesday.

The richest, freest, safest, most educated and most liberated Islamic community in the world is in America.

Meanwhile, it seems as if the Islamic nations are constantly engaged in intra-religious warfare, with Muslim killing and exploiting Muslim.

But, according to our mainstream media, the threat to the Muslim world is American Islamophobia. That's nuts.

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