Sunday, September 19, 2010

Wasting time in Mexico

President Felipe Calderon on Monday criticized both Americans and Mexicans for their roles in the 1846-1848 war that cost Mexico half its territory during a ceremony commemorating the definitive battle of the conflict.

Speaking on the 163rd anniversary of the Battle of Chapultepec, Calderon called the war an "unjust military aggression motivated by clearly imperialistic interests."
President Felipe Calderon's conservative National Action Party has revived a proposal to change the country's formal name, which is now "The United States of Mexico."

In casual use, few people use the title adopted in 1824.

And that's the point. According to the Senate proposal, "when nobody, not even us, uses the name 'The United States of Mexico,' conserving it appears to be little more than an imitation of our neighbor."

Mexico's president wants to argue about events of 163 years ago, and try to change his country's name.

Blaming your problems on the gringos is probably much easier than dealing with crime, poverty, drugs, violence, immigration and nascent terrorism.

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Anonymous said...

What else would you expect from Calderon? A president who spends all his time blaming others for his own drug cartels, his own citizens getting murdered at a wholesale level, his own police forces are as corrupt as the drug lords are rich. If Calderon needs to find blame, he doesn't need to look any further than a mirror.