Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Self hating Jews

A boat carrying a group of Jewish activists has set sail from northern Cyprus with the aim of breaching Israel's blockade of the Gaza Strip.

The 10m (32-foot) catamaran is carrying supplies including medical equipment, textbooks, nets and children's toys.

The activists - from Israel, the US, Germany and the UK - say they will not resist if Israel tries to stop them.

Earlier this year, Israeli commandos killed nine people in clashes on board a Turkish ship trying to reach Gaza.

I hope these "Jewish activists" all decide to stroll through the Hamas controlled ghettos of Gaza, individually, alone, unarmed, unidentified, wearing Jewish ritual head coverings, Chai necklaces, and maybe Star of David emblems on their tee shirts, as all the area residents get out of Friday night mosque services.

If they get out alive, we can listen to what they have to say about the Middle East peace process.

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