Thursday, September 9, 2010

Obama's support keeps dropping . . . even in Illinois!

President Barack Obama won his home state with 62 percent of the vote in 2008, but new poll numbers show Obama's support in Illinois has slipped.

The Chicago Tribune/WGN-TV poll shows Illinois voters are split on Obama's job performance. The poll found 51 percent approve of how the president is doing, compared with 39 percent saying they disapprove.

The poll also shows 47 percent of voters disapprove of the way Obama has handled the economy, compared with 42 percent who say they approve. Those findings are split along party lines, with Democrats supportive of Obama's economic efforts and Republicans not supportive.

Fifty-four percent of independent voters say they disapprove of Obama's economic policies and 31 percent say they approve.

. . . Obama remains popular with black voters in Illinois. The poll shows 94 percent of blacks approve of Obama's job performance while 5 percent say they disapprove.

White voters are split on Obama's job performance with 45 percent saying they disapprove and 43 percent saying they approve.,0,672851.story

If white voters are split almost evenly on Obama's job performance, but 94 percent of black voters approve of Obama's job performance, why are white voters the ones always accused of racial bias regarding Obama?

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