Thursday, September 16, 2010

Now the hypocrites are asking Bush to "calm anti-Islamic hysteria"

The new rallying cry among the MSNBC / "progressive" blogosphere / Post / Newsweek / NY Times crowd is, "George Bush could calm down the anti-Islamic hysteria by speaking out much as he did in the months and years after September 11th".

Instead of "Where's Waldo?", it's now "Where's Dubya?"

How's this for why not? In his every public utterance, Obama either expressly or implicitly blames Bush or his administration for every problem and crisis and wrong in the world, i.e., "It's the Bush administration's fault that my administration gave BP that drilling permit". Maybe, if Obama ever mans up, and stops blaming everything on his predecessors, Obama could ask Bush to come out of retirement and help bail him out of this mess. In the interim, it's hard to get help from someone you slam daily.

By the way - - I truly resent being forced to defend a man who is arguably one of our worst presidents ever, but fair is fair.

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