Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Political incompetence and extending the "Bush tax cuts"

The "Bush tax cuts" are set to expire soon.

The big conversation today is over whether to extend the "Bush tax cuts".

Obama says extend the "Bush tax cuts" only for those earning under $250,000.

Some Democrats, and most Republicans, say extend the "Bush tax cuts" in full and for all.

The most amazing thing about this discussion is that Obama's political team did not type those "Bush tax cuts" he wanted to extend on a clean sheet of paper, and title it the "Obama tax cuts".

Any truly savvy political operation would be having a conversation about the president's proposed "Obama tax cuts", and who will be given an "Obama tax cut".

Instead, we're talking about "Bush tax cuts", for which Obama will never get primary credit.

This is sheer political incompetence by the Obama political operation.

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