Saturday, September 4, 2010

Charlie Crist doesn't lie, he misspeaks

When a television interviewer asked Gov. Charlie Crist about the national health care reform bill last week, Crist responded quickly, "I would have voted for it, but I think it can be done better."

He went on to elaborate fluently on what was right and wrong with the bill, what he would have fixed before supporting it.

There was only one problem. For months, starting the day the bill passed, Crist had repeatedly said he opposed it and would repeal it, and had backed a state lawsuit to overturn it.

Crist's campaign quickly sent out a clarification, with his explanation: "If I misspoke …"

"Misspeaking" - - saying one thing when you actually think or mean another - - is spin for "telling a lie".

Crist "misspeaks" frequently:

• In the best-known example, Crist told a television interviewer in November that he didn't endorse President Barack Obama's stimulus plan. In fact, he had repeatedly and enthusiastically backed it, including during a highly publicized Florida visit by Obama in the previous February.

• Two days after the health care comment, his campaign had to send out another clarification after Crist told a CNN interviewer he favored a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage, which he has opposed in the past. The clarification: He was talking about a state ban, which he has supported – even though that ban endangers the right to same-sex civil unions, which Crist says he favors.

• Two days after the health care bill comments, Crist told another television interviewer his campaign will refund contributions from disillusioned Republicans who gave to him before he left the party – contradicting his previously announced decision on the subject.

You have to feel sorry for his "wife".

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