Friday, September 10, 2010

Afghanistan tab: $6 billion per year after planned drawdown

The United States expects to spend about $6 billion a year training and supporting Afghan troops and police after it begins pulling out its own combat troops in 2011, the Associated Press has learned.

The previously undisclosed estimate of U.S. spending through 2015 is detailed in a NATO training mission document reviewed by the AP. It outlines large-scale infrastructure projects, including a military hospital and military and police academies aimed at "establishing enduring institutions" and "creating irreversible momentum."

Spending for training is projected to taper off from $11.6 billion next year to an average of $6.2 billion over the following four years, the document shows. Much of the reduction reflects less spending on infrastructure.

After we end out combat mission, we intend to continue spending $6 billion per year on Afghanistan.

Who ever voted for that? That commitment was never on the table.

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