Thursday, September 30, 2010

South of the border, down Mejico way

A mayor who took the job when every other official in his town quit out of fear of drug traffickers was reported slain Monday, the fifth Mexican mayor killed in six weeks.

Authorities said Gustavo Sanchez, mayor of the town of Tancitaro in Michoacan state, had apparently been beaten to death with rocks. He had been missing since Saturday and his body was discovered Monday along with that of an aide on the side of a rural road. Large bloodied rocks were found nearby, witnesses said.

"We’ve had executions of people, a town official, a councilman, but always shot to death ... never anything like this," Michoacan state prosecutor Jesus Montejano said in a radio interview. "We are worried because this situation is very different from what organized crime usually does."

On the other side of our porous undefended unguarded border, Mexico is becoming more unstable than Iraq. I know that five Iraqi mayors were not slain in the last six weeks.

Our government needs to confront and contain this growing menace on our border, and let someone else worry about the rest of the world for a little while.

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