Saturday, September 25, 2010

Arab Islamophobia?

Bahrain stripped a powerful Shiite cleric with close ties to Iraq of his citizenship as authorities Monday widened a crackdown against alleged dissidents ahead of next month's elections in the tiny Gulf nation.

The move against Ayatollah Hussein al-Najati - the Bahraini representative of Iraq's most powerful Shiite figure - shows the increasingly hard line by the island kingdom's Sunni leadership against the majority Shiites, who have religious and cultural ties to both Iraq and Iran.

If Time magazine really wants to track down discrimination and violence against Islam, it should stop looking in the United States. Muslims in America enjoy full political and civil rights, and on average have attained higher levels of economic and educational achievement than most of their fellow Americans.

Real Islamophobia, real discrimination against Muslims, and almost all violence against Muslims occur almost entirely in countries with Arab and Muslim majorities.

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