Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tax and spend Democrats?

Congress returns this week with embattled Democrats torn between trying to show they have the economic answers and fearing the further wrath of voters over new government programs.

It appears the fears will win out.

The inbox is overflowing as lawmakers end their summer recess and undertake four weeks of writing and trying to pass bills before leaving town ahead of the Nov. 2 election: Bush-era tax cuts are set to expire at year's end; annual spending bills await action; and President Obama has just come out with a new plan to stimulate the economy through tax credits, breaks for business investment and public works projects.

Bill Clinton spent eight years successfully overcoming the Democrats' reputation as "tax and spend liberals". He delivered balanced budgets, surpluses, peace and prosperity.

In his first 20 months, Obama has destroyed that accomplishment.

Now, on the eve of the mid term elections, the Democratic-controlled House and Senate are gathering in Washington, D.C. - - to tax and spend.

This is sheer political incompetence by the Democratic Party leadership in the White House and Congress. They should have disposed of their unpopular or controversial agenda items 6 months ago. Their timing could not be worse.

It's not as if they didn't know these elections were coming . . . since 1776.

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