Tuesday, November 3, 2009

More stimulus fraud and waste

"The Southwest Georgia Community Action Council, which employs about 500 people in its Head Start preschool program, reported creating or saving 935 jobs with about $1.3 million in funding. Beverly Wise, the group's fiscal officer, said she followed the advice of federal officials to come up with the number. "I thought it was high," Wise said of the number she reported, adding that the process was confusing. The group is using its stimulus money to give a 1.84% pay raise to its employees and pay for other needs such as playground equipment and training for the teachers who serve 2,300 low-income children.


So, a "community action council" employing 500 people in a preschool program reported creating or saving 935 jobs (435 more than it employed in the first place) when in fact it used stimulus money to give a 1.84% pay raise to existing employees, bought some playground equipment, and spent money on additional "employee training". That's not a mistake, that's fraud.

We were told the stimulus money was going to "shovel ready" infrastructure projects to repair crumbling factories and roads and bridges and schools, and to hire new employees, not to give raises to existing employees. The stimulus is looking more and more like an old fashioned political kickback to "community action councils" and such that supported Obama. I somehow doubt many employees of the Southwest Georgia Community Action Council told their clients' parents to vote for McCain.

Don't you wish your boss got a government stimulus check to spend on raises on you and your co workers?

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