Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Who's at fault?

You may have heard about the south Florida "teens" who attacked another child by "dousing the victim with alcohol and setting him on fire".

Yesterday, "the mother of one of the teens accused of second-degree attempted murder in last month's fiery attack against a 15-year-old . . . . said . . . that her son was not the monster being portrayed in the media". She described her son as "an outgoing boy who did his chores, served as an altar boy at church and spent weekends playing basketball with his grandfather in Lauderhill". Of course, she "did not discuss her husband's . . . criminal history that includes arrests for drug possession, aggravated battery and burglary."

Punish the kids. But, we need to figure out some way to punish the parents, too. This one's still making excuses and denying the facts in front of her.

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