Saturday, November 21, 2009

Renewed trouble in Nicaragua

Nicaragua is another country in which Obama has reached out to the leftist "progressives", in this case the Sandinistas. The result?

"Unlike other opposition groups, which were forced to flee every time Sandinista mobs attacked protesters on more than 30 occasions over the past year, FDN leaders said they will hold the line. "This rooster has already been in a fight," Espinoza said of the FDN. "We'll answer a rock for a rock, and we'll see which side backs down first. We are not going to run." The protest promises to be the largest opposition march of the year. After months of sometimes violent clashes between the Sandinista and its opponents, many fear tensions could erupt into political violence. In Managua, the opposition's ability to channel political discontent into civil protest will also be tested Saturday. Nicaragua's opposition is attempting to reclaim the streets and protest a series of moves they claim have pushed the country toward dictatorship, including last year's alleged fraud in the municipal elections and last month's questionable move to scrap a constitutional ban preventing Ortega from seeking reelection in 2011. "We can't allow another dictatorship to consolidate itself in Nicaragua," said march organizer Violeta Granera."

Obama should have learned by now that "anti American" movements such as the Sandistas tend to be anti democratic and led by wannabe dictators. We should oppose them, not find "common ground".

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