Wednesday, November 25, 2009

White House entertainment

When the British royals visited Franklin Roosevelt at the White House during similarly difficult times, they famously barbequed hot dogs on the White House lawn. It was a public relations coup for both the president and the royal family. The public in both countries loved it.

Yesterday, "President Obama opened his first state dinner . . with a toast for India's prime minister in which he called the United States' relationship with India a "great and growing partnership." . . . their guests, including . . . a sprinkling of Hollywood moguls, went to dinner under a white tent . . . It was a glittery assembly . . . The first lady wore a strapless, champagne-colored gown, embellished with silver accents and with a matching shawl by Indian-American fashion designer Naeem Khan. She wore large dangling earrings and an armful of churis, traditional sparkly Indian bangle bracelets. . . . After-dinner entertainment was to include performances by the National Symphony Orchestra and Oscar winners Jennifer Hudson (Dreamgirls) . . . Those invited included Hollywood directors . . . news anchors . . . novelists . . . and governors."

It's the difference between class and clueless.

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