Saturday, November 14, 2009

Barack Obama, globe trotter

"President Barack Obama pressed on with his mission to repair America's global standing, telling Asians he was determined to engage them as equal partners in the economy, diplomacy and security. In a 40-minute speech Saturday that ranged across the multitude of issues, the president declared the United States a "nation of the Pacific. Asia and the United States are not separated by this great ocean; we are bound by it" . . . he offered few specifics on the key issues of trade . . . It was the fifth major foreign address of Obama's 10-month presidency . . ."

To date, Barack Obama broke two presidential records - - the most spending and the most foreign travel.

For some reason, his staff thinks he needs to go overseas, and mutter meaningless platitudes, during a time of grave economic uncertainty and 17.5% real unemployment.

By the way - - "Obama reached out through several personal notes that delighted his audience, including calling himself "America's first Pacific president," referring to his time in Indonesia, birth in Hawaii and travels in Asia as a boy."

As with his middle name, he can mention his foreign upbringing, but if you do, you're crazy.

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