Sunday, November 15, 2009

Abu Ghraib prison pictures

"Defense Secretary Robert Gates has blocked the public release of any more pictures of foreign detainees abused by their U.S. captors, saying their release would endanger American soldiers. The Obama administration filed a brief with the Supreme Court late Friday saying that Gates has invoked new powers blocking the release of the photos. . . . Federal courts had rejected the government's arguments to block their release, so Congress gave Gates new powers to keep them private under a law signed by President Obama last month. . . . Obama initially indicated he would not fight the release of the photographs, but he reversed course in May. The president said he was persuaded that disclosure could further incite violence in Afghanistan and Iraq and endanger U.S. troops there."

Another promise candidate Obama made, and president Obama broke, justified with words from the mouths of Bush and McCain ("endanger U.S. troops").

You can honestly say that Obama would not have won the Democratic nomination, and would not have won the presidential election, if he had honestly stated his intent on dozens of issues, from Iraq to healthcare to civil liberties.

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