Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Healthcare reform and abortion

For the past year, opponents of Obamacare have been questioning whether it will result in less individual private choices, whether it will disturb the private insurance market, and whether it will deprive anyone of existing coverage.

The answers were no, no and no, and, according to the president, you're "bearing false witness" if you suggest otherwise.

Guess what? Pro abortion advocates just realized that the true answers were yes, yes and yes, and it was in fact the president who was "spreading fishy stories about healthcare reform".

"There's something poignant about the last-minute outrage of the pro-choice groups. The complaints they're leveling—that people had more choices in the private market, that the House bill radically upsets this market, and that it violates Obama's promise not to deprive anyone of their existing coverage—are hardly novel. Republicans have issued such warnings all year. But liberals didn't pay attention until the coverage in jeopardy was abortion. . . . let's give up the two lies we tell ourselves about such legislation. One is that it won't cost us much money. The other is that it won't cost us much choice. When you throw in your lot with other people and agree to play by the same rules, you surrender some of your freedom and risk losing some of your options. Sometimes it's coverage of an MRI or a hip replacement. Sometimes it's coverage of abortion. If that's the price of health care reform, are you willing to pay it?"

Universal government healthcare is expensive, and requires cost containment.

The cost containment will be obtained by regulations which forbid or severely limit procedures which are overly expensive, or of questionable effect, or controversial, or unpopular.

The irony is that the procedures most likely to be forbidden are for populations favored by the progressives pushing loudest for Obamacare. It's just a matter of time before cries of "death panel" start coming from the left instead of the right.

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