Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A mess in Honduras

"A U.S.-brokered accord that was supposed to return ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya to power has collapsed. And his supporters, who have been organizing street protests against his successor, are down to their final card: calling on Hondurans to boycott upcoming elections. Carlos H. Reyes, the presidential candidate who was favored by the leftist Zelaya's hard-core supporters but had no chance to win, withdrew from the race Monday. . . . Zelaya pinned much of the blame Monday on the Obama administration. The U.S. State Department helped broker a deal that called for the Honduran Congress to vote on whether to allow Zelaya to finish his term. But once Assistant Secretary of State Thomas Shannon made televised comments last week that seemed to remove pressure from Washington, Honduras' Congress has made no plans to vote on whether to enact the agreement."


First, we stuck our nose in other people's business. Then, we backed the wrong side. Next, we destroyed the legitimacy of the upcoming elections. Finally, we angered all sides, and have no friends left.

We helped create a mess in Honduras that it could take years to clean up.

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