Thursday, November 12, 2009

Obama the globe trotter

"When President Obama takes off for his Asia trip tomorrow morning, he'll be adding to a presidential record - - most foreign countries visited by a first-year chief executive. After stops in Japan, Singapore, China and South Korea, Obama will have been in 20 countries this year, during eight separate foreign trips. The previous record holder: George H. W. Bush . . . The elder Bush went to 14 countries on seven foreign trips during his first year in office, 1989. Bush's son, George W., went to 11 countries on five trips in 2001. Bill Clinton did only three countries during two trips his first year in 1993. Obama is not done yet. He has at least one more foreign destination this year: Oslo, Norway, to pick up the Nobel Peace Prize on Dec. 10."

Remember when the media criticized the elder Bush for traveling "too much", and focusing "too much" on foreign policy? Where's the media now?

It's no coincidence that Bill Clinton, the president who stayed home the most, and stayed most focused on domestic issues, had the best economic results and inspired the most confidence in his ability to improve the economy.

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