Friday, November 13, 2009

Obamacare = Cuts to senior care

Remember being told that this was another lie about Obamacare?

"For Eli Bess, 85, of Sunrise, the healthcare reform debate has gotten personal. As a member of a Humana HMO, he gets a free gym membership, a benefit he says has changed his life. After some medical setbacks several years ago, "my wife brought me the first time to the gym in a wheelchair. Now I can do anything I want." At the moment, both House and Senate healthcare reform proposals are seeking to slash funds to the HMOs that have attracted . . . seniors because of rich benefit packages that can include free dental care and many other perks. . . . Nationwide, the Medicare HMOs - - known as Medicare Advantage plans - - are on average 14 percent more expensive than traditional Medicare. Both House and Senate leaders want to get those costs down to the traditional Medicare level, and perhaps less. . . . The House bill proposes cutting the HMOs down to the same level as fee-for-service plans. "

HMOs used to be considered providers of overly bureaucratic and inadequate healthcare.

Under Obamacare, they're about to be considered "Cadillac plans" for seniors that are too generous and must be cut back 14% or more.

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