Thursday, November 26, 2009

Independent political analysis

"A group of Democratic talking heads gathered at the White House March 13 for a meeting with Ellen Moran and David Axelrod. The White House visitors logs released today show Axelrod, President Obama's senior adviser, met that day for about two hours in the West Wing with 18 people. Among them were Chris Kofinis, Karen Finney, Margaret Omero, Margaret Myers, Steve McMahon, Peter Fenn, Michael Feldman, Jennifer Palmeri, Hillary Rosen, Simon Rosenberg, Brad Woodhouse (of the DNC) and Mo Elleithee. It was called a "communications message meeting" on the spreadsheet. A source who attended the meeting tells TPMDC the White House hosts weekly message calls sharing their talking points with pundits who appear on television. The meetings are sometimes hosted in person at the White House."

In other words, those pro administration talking heads on TV are simply repeating what the White House tells them to say, after they all meet to get their stories straight. There's no independent thought or political analysis involved.

Just like in a totalitarian state.

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