Sunday, November 1, 2009

Castro complains

"Fidel Castro has found something to sneeze at in Washington's decision to ease visits by Cuban-Americans to his island: He says more Americans mean more swine flu. The 83-year-old ex-president wrote in state-controlled newspapers on Saturday that many of Cuba's early cases of the virus were visitors from the United States and he used the occasion to take a jab at the U.S. embargo."

As payback for Soviet financial aid in the '70's and '80's, Castro sent Cuban troops to Angola. Cuban troops working with Communist guerillas in the Angolan back country picked up the HIV/AIDS virus. The Cuban troops in Angola took the HIV/AIDS virus back home with them when they returned to Cuba from Africa. From Cuba, the HIV/AIDS virus spread to Haiti. From Haiti, tourists spread HIV/AIDS around the world.

Castro's military intervention in Africa inadvertently created the world wide plague of HIV/AIDS. It will be remembered by history as his most enduring legacy.

Castro needs to shut up about swine flu.

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