Thursday, November 5, 2009

Abortion or single motherhood?

Which is the bigger threat to "traditional family values"?

"There was once a time when anti-abortion was pro-family, because legal abortion helped to encourage premarital sex by making such sex less risky (the risk, of course, being a pregnancy). However, those who advocated against premarital sex have totally and utterly lost. Premarital sex, today, is not merely one of two acceptable lifestyles; it’s now the norm. Virgins are now considered losers, and people who save themselves for marriage are considered weird or extreme religious nuts. . . . Pro-family advocates need to admit defeat on the premarital sex front and fight the current threat to family values: single motherhood. Abortion helps to prevent single motherhood. Anti-abortion advocates have actually been glorifying single motherhood, because they understand that they’ve lost the battle against premarital sex, so are endorsing single motherhood as the preferred alternative to abortion. Unfortunately, they are destroying the traditional family in the process. I repeat: the biggest threat to family values is single motherhood. People who are pro-family need to make the fight against single motherhood their number one priority. Abortion should be considered preferable to single motherhood."

Whatever you think about the issues discussed, that's a really thought provoking post.

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