Monday, December 1, 2008

Mumbai II

From the Mumbai terrorist attacks, I drew the lesson that "All it takes is 10 crazy people with arms you can buy at any shopping center." See below.

One of my readers commented that the perps were " trained terrorists" and the weapons "were not the sort 'you can buy at any shopping center.'"

I agree and disagee.

Yes, the Mumbai terrorists were not 10 wacky kids on a lark, but trained killers. However, anyone who does something like this is a psychopathic sociopath. So, trained and rehearsed? Yes. Crazy? Definitely.

As to the arms, you can't buy grenades at Walmart. But, you could buy all you need to do something like this at any mall in our country.

Which is why we must be vigilant. And why, unless Obama is a fool, Obama will soon forget all the promises he made "to reverse the Bush administration's 'shredding of the Constitution'". The classified data will prove that there is a threat, and it is real.


Andrew said...

The threat is indeed real, Barry.

It is Global Jihad we are up against. The Mumbai attacks simply illustrated this.

In Islam there are only two houses, The Dar el Salaam (the house of peace) and the Dar el Harb (the house of war).

If you are a Muslim you are in the Dar el Salaam, but if you’re of any other faith, you’re an infidel in the Dar el Harb and Islam is at war with you.

We, the USA, have to be the leader against this Global Jihad. Mumbai was targeted specifically because it is the financial center of a Democratic country, India (the largest democracy in the world).

The Bali bombings targeted a western bar and western, non-muslim citizens.

Dar el Harb is any place not under Islamic rule.

That includes schools in Chechneya, NYC (93 & 9/11), thwarted attempt to bomb LAX, thwarted attempt to blow up 11 international airliners out of Heathrow (baby bottles filled with explosives, & Richard Reid).

We are simply in a new chapter of a very old war going back 1400 years.

The US Navy and US Marines were formed in 1775 in response to the Barbary pirates of North Africa, and their repeated attacks on American merchant ships and enslavement of Americian citizens.

(" the shores of Tripoli" as the Marine Corps hymn begins)

Even an $80,000 payment by Congress to these muslim leaders of North Africa made no difference.

These were not pirates of the Caribbean type - they were jihadists that plundered American and British ships for booty to make war against the unbelievers.

They were making war on all who did not worship Allah - and called themselves mujihadeen even back then.

So, Barry, we face this hoard again and it has nothing to do with who is in the White House, and what concessions Hillary can force Israel to provide.

Strong, hard, violent, immediate and massive force against Global Jihad is needed, and like it or not the USA has to lead the way.

Barry Jay Warsch said...

We've been confronted with bipartisan wimpiness on this. Rice banned the phrase "Islamic terrorism" ? Bush repeatedly referred to the "religion of peace"?
Why can't we just say that there are good and bad people in all religions, and that we're going to capture and punish the bad ones, without fear of offending anyone.
No one was afraid to describe any action as "Catholic inspired terror" or "Protestant inspired terror" in Northern Ireland for fear of offending any ethnic or sectarian community. In fact, decent elements in both communities helped rid Northern Ireland of terror, Catholic and Protestant. When Jewish terrorists blew up the King David Hotel, they were shunned as Jewish terrorists by the greater Jewish community, not celebrated. Why can't we ask all decent Muslims (the overwhelming majority, who go to work, take care of the kids, and come home too tired to engage in any nonsense) to help us get rid of Islamic terrorists, without mincing words or actions?

Andrew said...

Barry, I understand your desire.

Unfortunately, the reality is that all Muslims support this global jihad.

This is the truth of Islam - make war upon all unbelievers, anywhere and anytime.

And those that don't, are targeted for death.

Islam can be viewed as a death cult.

Don't expect "moderate" Muslims to change anything.

Barry Jay Warsch said...

I do disagree. I know Muslims who are as fat, lazy and stupid as the rest of us, no insult or put down intended - - they work too much, eat too much, exercise too little, get home too late, and conk out on the sofa watching TV. They worry about their bills and their kids and how much gas costs. They're too tired by the time they get home from work to do anything but eat and go to bed. Frankly, give every Muslim a job, a mortgage and a car on the installment plan, and jihad is over. (And that goes for every ethnic group and every kind of criminal or anti social behavior - - responsibility, age and sobriety defeat criminality.)

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