Thursday, December 18, 2008

Even more Illinois democracy

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan’s attempt to do an end run around the criminal and impeachment processes was rejected by the Illinois Supreme Court.

The court rejected without comment her attempt to misapply the medical disability act to force Gov. Blago out of office. Evidently, and as any first year law student would recognize, the due process rights of the accused and political inconvenience and embarrassment are not “medical disabilities” under Illinois law.

“Wednesday's dramatics were in the Statehouse, but the action was in the state Supreme Court, which rejected what could have been the quickest way to force the governor from office. The court rejected without comment a challenge filed by state Attorney General Lisa Madigan, herself a top candidate for governor in 2010. It was unclear whether the court turned down the case on its merits or on procedural grounds. The attorney general had asked the court to remove Blagojevich, arguing that his legal and political troubles prevented him from performing his duties. Madigan said the governor's problems amount to a disability, so Blagojevich should have been stripped of his authority temporarily just as if he were physically incapacitated. Madigan said she was disappointed by the ruling, saying Blagojevich's refusal to resign has put the state in an ''unsustainable situation.'' She urged the impeachment panel to proceed with ``deliberate speed.''”

Lisa Madigan, “a top candidate for governor in 2010”?

For this abuse of process, and for her dynastic nepotism (her dad is Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan), Lisa Madigan should be rejected out of hand.

Of course, we’re talking about Illinois. Not only will she probably win, but her kids will probably be appointed to congressional vacancies.