Friday, December 5, 2008

Iraq box scores

Has anyone else noticed that your local newspaper no longer keeps Iraq war dead "box scores"?

There's no longer a daily running total of "Americans killed in Iraq".


Is it because the media can't handle two big stories at one time (Iraq AND the economy?)

Or, because the fight in Iraq was always secondary to the political fight in America about Iraq?

When Howard Dean muses about whether it's worth fighting over "another 18 months in Iraq", and when Obama appears to have reached a compromise with the Bush / Gates strategy of surge plus stay 'til 2011, I guess there's no 'news' being made.

Except for the fact that Americans are still dieing over there.

Where is the "anti war" community? Where are the the "anti war" politicians?

Did anyone ever really give a damn, or was it just a political football?