Monday, December 1, 2008

No criticism allowed !

So I guess any criticism - - left, right or middle - - is verboten lest we "undermin[e] our new President-elect's overall efforts by casting doubt" "because this is a critical - - perhaps fatal - - moment in American history"? Yikes.
Then again, how could any mere mortal critic impede a man with Obama's "understanding of the cosmos"?
Honestly, when I first read this, I thought I was still on The Onion.


SpeakDog said...

I thought dissent was the highest form of patriotism? Not if Obama is in charge, I guess.

Barry Jay Warsch said...

It really is turning into a secular religion. I'm waiting to hear of cures and miracles.

FinFanJim said...

The "cures and miracles" part of it will be media-aided propaganda - as in the economy which is always on the downturn and/or on the brink of recession during a Republican administration, somehow won't be as bad once he's got his "cures" in the works.

Two (well documented) examples of media bias; but there are dozens:

1. An unemployment percentage which was characterized as "normal" or not brought up at all, around the middle of the Clinton years, was routinely characterized in the negative and cause for concern...when it was the exact same percentage during Bush's first term.
2. The statistics on homeless have remained fairly static over the past few decades. However, the heart wrenching stories on the problems and travails of the Nation's Homeless, from outlets like NY Times, WaPo, CNN, spike when a Republican is in the WH, but declined to almost zero during the Clinton years.

Barry, I perceive that you (and perhaps millions of jilted McCain voting Clintonites like you) remain in a state of denial over the bias of the national MSM. You incorrectly think this is some sort of Obama thing, but that up until the 2008 Obama Lovefest, the media was reasonbably balanced and objective.

It wasn't. The media slant on the news, and the contrast in which it covers Repubs v. Dems is NOT significantly different now than it was in the past 4 presidential elections.

You just never noticed it until now. Those MSM news outlets gushed over Clinton too.

This morning's paper. Front page side bar "teaser" for a story inside. Direct quote: "Obama's National Security team is a diverse and broad based group of DEDICATED PUBLIC SERVANTS (all caps are mine) who have disagreed in the past on his vision. Story on A-4."

This is like PRAVDA, for G-d's sake.

I will donate $250 to ANYONE's favorite charity, if they can find me a quote from a news article from one of the following MSM sources: AP, Gannett, Reuters, NYT, WaPo, Time, Newsweek, LaTimes, Chic Trib, Miami Herald, describing Bush's transition team/appointments, for either 00 or 04, as "dedicated public servants."

Most people who get their news from the usual MSM media outlets are ignorant of this due to total lack of coverage, but GWB INHERITED a recession. Yep. The leading economic indicators plunged for the third quarter of 2000 (prior to the 2000 election) and again in the fourth Q, and by inauguration, the newly installed GWB administration had a recession on its hands.

$250 to your favorite charity if you can find me a story from 2001, pinning the blame on Clinton. $250 to your favorite charity if there are not DOZENS of stories over the next 6 months gushing with empathy for the problems poor poor Obama and his crack team of "dedicated public servants" INHERITED from "8 years of Republican control/policies."