Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Republicans deserved to lose Florida

Put aside Iraq, Afghanistan, the financial melt down, Katrina, embarrassing behavior, inarticulate statements, etc. The Republicans would still have deserved to lose Florida.

"Republican Party of Florida chairman Jim Greer charged personal expenses to the state party during a fundraiser this summer, adding fresh details to growing complaints that his money management was hurting the party. Confronted with a $5,100 bill showing he used party money on spa treatments, seafood dinners and limousines during a party fundraiser at the Breakers Hotel, Greer said he would reimburse the party for some of the expenses Friday. The hotel bill obtained by The Miami Herald/St. Pete Times showed that Greer and his wife spent $3,600 on a dinner at the hotel's Brasserie L'Escalier, $200 on spa services, $137 at the seafood bar and $80 on a limousine to the airport during a two-day fundraiser for incoming Florida Senate President Jeff Atwater."

Now put aside the low class petty corruption. (Charging your wife's massage at a luxury hotel to campaign funds? How stupid and tacky!)

"New post-election GOP filings show the state party still had $1.37 million cash at the end of a period extending from Oct. 14 to Nov. 24 with $432,000 in outstanding bills, according to a report filed with the Federal Election Commission detailing the party's federal election account. Several members of Sen. John McCain's presidential campaign in Florida said they were told the party's federal account had been tapped dry in the final weeks, forcing them to scramble for money to buy yard signs and radio ads in Florida. ''They almost had daily rebellions at headquarters because people were begging for bumper stickers yard signs and buttons,'' said Ana Navarro, a major fundraiser for McCain's campaign. ''We had no money for food for volunteers,'' she said. ``Practically every Republican in Florida knew we had no money, so I cannot understand it other than to think they were saving it for another campaign at another time.''

Obama carried Florida by a tad under 250,000 votes. Most of that came from Broward County, which Obama carried by a little over 250,000 votes. And the Republicans sat on $1 million cash on hand? They spent none of that in South Florida to deflate Obama or in North Florida to inflate McCain?

Put aside policy. They deserved to lose Florida for being incompetent!