Sunday, December 28, 2008

I just got back from vacation . . .

so bring me up to date. What did the released tapes reveal? the transcripts? I'm sure they proved that there was nothing improper discussed between Emanuel and Blagojevich.

Because I'm absolutely sure the tapes and transcripts were released as promised, and I'm sure that they fully absolve Rahm, et al. from any suspicion.

After all, I'm sure Obama's team abided by the crisis management rule of "get it out, get it out early and get it our fully". Let's face it, you only break that rule when you have something to hide.

No way would they let this drag on!

No way would they pull the old "Bush-and-Cheney-talking-about-Scooter" line of "I can't comment on an ongoing investigation". What nonsense that would be. After all, as all the progressives said at the time, why not? Why can't you comment on an ongoing investigation, unless you're part of the cover up? We know our team would never play that game!

And, no way would they have issued some narrowly drawn statement that really doesn't answer the question of who said what to who. I'm sure there was no lawyer-ed up statement like "there were no INAPPROPRIATE contacts about PERSONAL enrichment"

So tell me - - what did the tapes say? Because the full and uncensored release of all information should start to reverse the negative polling data on this issue. oll.obama.blagojevich/


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SpeakDog said...

Oh, silly blogger....

Barry investigated himself, found himself not guilty, and the media moved on, just like the good little lackeys that they are.

Then, he went to Hawaii for 2 weeks to work out (shirtless, apparently), play golf, and snip at the photographers who are annoying his Highness.