Thursday, December 11, 2008

Jesse, Jr. and Blago

"The first fallout from the scandal also emerged, with U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. denying any misconduct while confirming that he is the Senate candidate mentioned in the federal charges as someone Blagojevich thought would pay money to be appointed to the seat. Jackson, the son of the Rev. Jesse Jackson, said he had been assured by prosecutors he was not a target of the investigation."

Isn't the fellow who negotiates paying a bribe just as guilty as the fellow who asks for the bribe? We arrest the hooker and the john. The dealer gets popped for distribution, but we also arrest the buyer for possession.

Of course, we need to suspend judgment until all the tapes are released. But, where did Blago get the idea that Jesse, Jr. would pay at least $500K? And did Jesse, Jr. call the cops when Blago asked for the bribe?

Does anyone in their right mind still think that Jesse's one of the good dynasts, deserving of a Senate appointment?

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