Sunday, December 7, 2008

Rolling Stone on Obama and Prop 8

When Rolling Stone criticises Obama, you know there's rumbling on the left.

In its Prop 8 post mortem, Rolling Stone says:

"It didn't help that Barack Obama refused to support gay marriage, and voiced his opposition to Prop 8 as a narrow constitutional matter. Indeed, Obama was so weak on the issue that Schubert [Frank Schubert, the consultant who directed 'Yes on 8'] highlighted the candidate's opposition to gay marriage in a mailer targeting African-Americans, and used his voice in a statewide robo-call. "We were able to quote him directly on the core issue in direct mail and in calls at the end of the campaign," says Schubert. When African-Americans in California went to the polls on Election Day, 70 percent of them voted to ban gay marriage."

Obama was quoted in anti gay marriage mailers, and Obama's voice and words were used in anti gay marriage robo-calls, targeting the black community? Then why is everyone blaming the Mormons? The anger appears to be misplaced.

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