Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Better enforcement or worse economy?

"It wasn't so long ago that thousands of passers-by would spend a couple of days on a bus to swarm into this cow town in the heart of the Sonora Desert. It was the final stop on the frontier on the way to el Norte, the last place to stock up on Gatorade. Thanks to the crackdown on illegal immigration, Sasabe is now a ghost town. . . .

Has more effective border patrol and enforcement discouraged attempts to illegally enter the country, or has our declining economy taken away the incentive for economic immigrants, documented or not?

Yes, there appear to be fewer "illegal" day workers downtown, but there's also less construction and economic activity. It's probably too soon to celebrate the success of our new high tech cameras, radar and multi billion dollar real and "virtual" border fences. Let's see what happens when the construction and hospitality industries pick up.

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