Monday, December 1, 2008

Poor John Kerry!

He wanted to be Bill Clinton's vice president in '92. Bill didn't want him.

He wanted to be Al Gore's vice president in 2000. Al didn't want him.

He wanted to be president in '04. America didn't want him.

And, Kerry ended his presidential race with millions of dollar of unspent campaign funds, which might have prevented the shenanigans that likely cost him the election. Imagine if Kerry spent a few million dollars on legal fees in October, '04, to insure the pro rata distribution of voting machines throughout Ohio and other swing states, avoiding long lines in urban areas. Instead, following dumb advice to hold back some money and try again next time, Kerry lost to a man he felt superior to in every way.

Then, in '06, one silly comment, an easily misinterpreted joke on the eve of the election, and Kerry's '08 hopes were gone. Rumor had it he saw the hands of the Clintons behind the leaks and innuendo by "concerned Democratic strategists".

So, in '08, it was payback time. For real or imagined slights, he took the lustre off Hillary's New Hampshire upset, endorsed Obama at just the right moment, and helped shift the momentum with publicity, money and his contact list. And all Kerry asked for in return was to be secretary of state!

Now, it's back to being the junior senator from Massachusetts, the one with the lesser assignments and the lower profile. The less important one. With literally all the money anyone could ever need or want in his personal fortune, and access to his wife's hundreds of millions of dollars, Kerry can't ever buy what he really wants. How sad.

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