Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Georgia and 2010

The Georgia senate runoff results indicate that Obama's "new voters", inspired by justifiable ethnic pride and hope, won't turn out when he's not on the ballot.

The potential for a "permanent realignment" is over rated and, unless the economy picks up during the next 18 months, 2010 will be better for the Republicans than the current hype would indicate.


FinFanJim said...

Maybe. You're still assuming that politics are still essentially like the way it used to be....

That there will be a "honeymoon" period with the Obama administration...but then if the economy doesn't pick up, the press will turn on him and the criticism will begin, which will give Repubs some momentum for a 2010 and 2012 comeback.

You also thought McCain would win. I thought McCain would lose; and I am similarly pessimistic about how the effect of the recession will play out in the upcoming elections.

I think this time around, the media will STAY 100% in the tank for "The One." No matter what happens, domestically or abroad. They have too much invested in their religious devotion of him, to do an about face and admit their were wrong. Because they would have to admit it to themselves first, which would be too painful.

So the propaganda arm of the Obama campaign, a/k/a the national mainstream media, will work overtime to convince the public that the job of "fixing" an economy which was "broken" by many years of "corporate greed" (code words for capitalism, free markets, republicanism, conservatism, etc.) is going to TAKE TIME and be a LONG ROAD.

Rather than critical editorials over the failures of the various New Deal, Great Society plans 2-3 years from now, we'll instead be treated to editorials and commentary, and editorials pretending to be news reports, contending that for these programs to work they will clearly need 5-7 years.

"Staying the course" with Barack will be shoved down our throats with the blinding intensity of the Goebbels propaganda Palin slime-fest.

THAT'S my prediction. Just as I predicted Obama winning with roughly the same margin of victory as Bush beat Kerry in 04. So beware of my prophesies!! LOL

Barry Jay Warsch said...

Jim, I was right about McCain - - until the markets collapsed!
Then, everyone got their third quarter 401K statements, and McCain was toast.
People vote their pocketbooks. I think they're going to keep "throwing the bums out", who ever the bums are, until things turn around.
Obama was in the right place at the right time in '08 (which is why Bill fought so long and hard to get the Democratic nomination for Hillary).
Unless things improve, whatever the media says, Obama and the D's may be in the wrong place in 2 and 4 years (which is why Bill wants Hillary to be the loyal team player, in place to pick up the pieces).
When Olbermann criticises Obama last night for not campaigning for Martin in Georgia, it just proves the media are all weasels who NO one can trust.