Friday, December 19, 2008

You'd think they'd give up already

Every time they insist the Clintons release financial records, over and above what they expect anyone else to release - - complete tax returns, charitable donations, foundation records, etc. - - all they prove is that the Clintons are amazingly successful, and have done nothing wrong.,0,2622682.story

Now we know - - Bill Clinton raised billions for charity from around the world, and spent none of it inappropriately. Applause? Apologies? Still waiting.

BTW - Compare and contrast how they treat Princess Caroline:

"New York’s Assembly will examine whether a charity that U. S. Senate hopeful Caroline Kennedy helps run was properly granted an exemption that allows her and other officials in the organization to avoid disclosing details about their finances.
Democratic Assemblyman James Brennan questions the decision by the New York City Conflicts of Interest Board to exempt the Fund for Public Schools from a law aimed at airing the financial dealings of charities.
Kennedy, who hopes to succeed Hillary Rodham Clinton in the Senate, is vice chairwoman of the not-for-profit organization.
The law requires most volunteer directors of charities working with state and municipal governments to disclose investments, outside pay and other financial connections. It was passed partly to assure that charities aren’t shadow agencies of the governments they support.
On Dec. 10, the city board told Brennan’s Assembly committee that Kennedy’s charity would be exempt from disclosure. The board notice to the Assembly came two days after Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg strongly supported Kennedy as a successor for Clinton should she be confirmed as Presidentelect Barack Obama’s secretary of state."


S said...

Nothing illegal (at the time) yes, nothing wrong... well, open to debate.

There are some smelly book deals (which are no longer legal), odd foreign contributions, et cetera...

But I’m not a Clinton hater, I don’t think they’re corrupt and am not claiming they are. Just, if they wanted a squeakly clean image they could have gone without some of these donations / deals.

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