Thursday, December 4, 2008

"Obama bristled"

"Obama took just three questions during a news conference with (Secretary of Commerce designate Bill) Richardson in Chicago, none on that subject, and did not invite any give-and-take between Richardson and the press. . . . Obama bristled when asked by a reporter to respond to criticism from the Latino community that Richardson's post was a "consolation prize" for not getting to be secretary of state."

If you only take 3 questions (from your 3 favored reporters), without allowing follow ups, it's not a news conference, even if you're going for some phony "daily news conference" record. It's simply feeding your talking points of the day to the press, live and in person.

And, if he's going to "bristle" any time he gets asked to respond to any criticism, he better get used to spending more time "bristling".

BTW - "Bristle" is defined as "to become rigid with anger or irritation" or "to be visibly roused or stirred ".
It's what they say when they like you, and they don't want to say you lost your temper or got angry.

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