Monday, December 1, 2008

Liars figure II

For pointing out that at least 16% (approximately 1 in 6) of California's Obama voters also voted against gay marriage, I was criticised by two visitors from kos-land. See post and comments below.

Of course, according to one commenter, that's a "contemptible attempt to bash black Democrats for Proposition 8". I don't believe I mentioned race in my post. See original post below, and judge for yourself. However, let's get used to it. Any criticism of Obama will be greeted with that same charge for the next 4 years.

Another commenter blames "your fellow McCain voters" who "voted overwhelmingly for" Prop.8. I'll say it again - - the 40% of Californians who voted for McCain were insufficient to get Prop. 8 over the 50% threshold. Where did the other 10% come from?

This is all classic cognitive dissonance. The fact is that OBAMA and BIDEN are the two highest ranking elected officials in America AGAINST GAY MARRIAGE. Again, OBAMA and BIDEN are the two highest ranking elected officials in America AGAINST GAY MARRIAGE. That must hurt Obama supporters who favor gay marriage. I can understand why they are in denial. But, it's true.


Anonymous said...

...and if Hillary Clinton had won, she'd be the highest ranking official against gay marriage. And had McCain won, it'd be him.

Your side provided, by your own numbers, 80 percent of the votes needed to put prop 8 over the top. And you're whining about the other 20%?

What is it with these McCain voters who expect Democrats to kiss their ass? You made your political wilderness, now wander in it for the next four years.

Queen1 said...

That comment makes no sense. The post simply pointed out that it's silly to blame the conservatives for Prop 8 passing, because it could only have passed with Dems voting for it. And how stupid it is to claim that it's racism to make that point.

And I believe the point is made in the following post that the "wilderness" in which we are going to wander looks suspiciously like that in which we've been nomads for the past 16 years. Bush-Clinton redux.

FinFanJim said...

Well Barry, at least you're finally getting some comments.

Keep the gayness going, and perhaps you'll develop a real following, and this site will start to get interesting. One thing which woudl need to interact more.

I take the point as being, that not ALL liberals march in politically correct lock-step. If everyone who voted for Obama also supported gay marriage, prop 8 fails...easily. Turns out, a great number of Obama voters are not the fully enlightened progressives in all areas, a good leftist would hope.

Alas for the utopians, it would appear that the re-education and indoctrinization task at hand is a bit larger than originally expected.

Barry Jay Warsch said...

Minister 23 -

You say "if Hillary Clinton had won, she'd be the highest ranking official against gay marriage. And had McCain won, it'd be him." But Obama offered CHANGE! and HOPE!, remember? I guess those were just market tested slogans.

"And . . . whining about the other 20%?" It's called the margin of victory - - supplied by the agents of CHANGE! and HOPE!, of course.

As to what anyone wants you to kiss or not, on this site, profanity is not allowed. You're close to the edge. Remember, it's really not hard to express yourself without cursing.

And, FinFanJim - - the funny thing is, self styled "liberals" assumed black and brown people registered to vote in Protestant churches would vote "black" or "brown", not "Christian" - - so, who's the racist? Who made the assumption that skin color would determine political perspective?

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