Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Rahm’s 21 Calls

“The well-wired (possibly in more ways than one) Michael Sneed reports that Rahm [Emanuel] appears on "21 different taped conversations" regarding Obama's vacant seat.
He also had a vacant congressional seat in play.”

That’s 21 calls between the Gov. Blago who was seeking a bribe and someone Gov. Blago wanted to arrange for a bribe.

But, nothing “inappropriate” was discussed. Ever. During 21 calls.

And, we must take the word of Rahm Emanuel on this, one of America’s lewdest, crudest, hardest nosed political deal makers.

I’m sure several of those calls were about the latest season of “Entourage”. Several more calls must have been reminiscences about the glory days of Jordan and the Bulls. At least two or three had to have been discussions of Da’ Bears’ season, and maybe some gossip about the Cubs’ off season moves. Just two guys shooting the breeze. (Of course, two guys who we were recently told “were never very close”.)

Obviously, if there’s a few things we as Americans have surely learned, it’s to never be suspicious of our leaders, to put blind faith in the word of our leaders, and to trust our leaders’ assurances without seeking verification. After all, that always works out well.

(Looking at the reactions to this growing scandal, the blind faith of the blind Obama fans is frightening.)