Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Impeachment tree ornament

"On this year's White House Christmas tree will hang a most unusual ornament: a bulb saluting efforts to impeach President George W. Bush. A bulb by Washington state artist Deborah Lawrence is decorated with pictures and text commending Rep. Jim McDermott's (D-Wash.) efforts to impeach the president, the Washington Post reported. First Lady Laura Bush asked McDermott to select a local artist to decorate bulbs for the tree, and McDermott selected Lawrence."

I can't stand Bush. At the least, I would have supported preliminary investigation into whether grounds existed for impeachment. Pelosi and Reid could have started this process back in 2006. They didn't.

But, this juvenile prank - - surreptitiously slipping in a insult to your host on a tree ornament you've been invited to submit in good faith and in the spirit of the season - - is the equivalent of holding up your middle finger in the class yearbook picture. Are we supposed to be impressed with the cleverness of Rep. McDermott and this artist for getting away with something that obviously must have hurt and embarrassed Laura Bush?


FinFanJim said...

Not particulaly surprising, is it. Juvenile pranks are nothing new for the party of juveniles, versus the party of the grown-ups.

Remember the Clinton white house staffers who gave themselves lots of yuks on their way out, by doing stuff like popping all the "w"s off of WH keyboards, and leaving the place generally in slovenly college dorm-room like disarray? W's people (the adults) will on the other hand, respect the dignity of the place and the process.

And its not the College Republicans who rush the stage and throw pies into the faces of guest speakers who differ with them politically, now is it?

Barry Jay Warsch said...

Excuse me, the "trashing of the White House" story turned out to be very good spin with little basis in fact, subsequently debunked. Clear all the office furniture from any space, and take down all the personal effects and pictures, and any office looks like it's been beat up. It's 8 years of wear and tear.