Tuesday, August 17, 2010

While Cameron celebrated V-J Day, Obama apologized for Hiroshima

Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron and the country's military chief on Sunday hailed the bravery of World War II veterans as they commemorated the anniversary of the surrender of Japan.

Cameron and Gen. David Richards will attend a service with veterans in central London to mark V-J Day alongside Prince Charles and his wife, the Duchess of Cornwall.

Europe celebrates V-J Day - the date when Japan announced its intention to surrender - on Aug. 15, though it is observed on Aug. 14 in the United States. Japan's formal surrender to Allied forces came on Sept. 2, 1945.


While the British government was celebrating our victory over Japan, Obama's representatives were attending a memorial service for the victims of the U.S. atomic bombing that ended the war, implicitly apologizing for the instruments of our victory.


Then, he started lecturing on the need for a mosque near Ground Zero.

Obama really doesn't get us.

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