Monday, August 30, 2010

Progressive bloggers fear Marco Rubio

Online progressive bloggers are unintentionally giving their highest compliments to Florida Republican senate candidate Marco Rubio.

Read this from Charles Lemos:
If Rubio is elected to the Senate from Florida this November . . . Rubio will be on everybody's shortlist come 2012 for the VP slot on the GOP ticket.

Unlike the other first-time GOP candidates running for the Senate, Rubio is infinitely more polished but every bit as dangerous. . . .

Marco Rubio is a unique blend that combines red-meat starve the beast fiscal conservatism with dashes of let's bomb Iran neo-conservatism and flavored just enough with the religious-based bigotry to appeal to social conservatives. Not only can he appeal to Hispanics but he can appeal to independents because he sounds sane even though he is a Jim DeMint clone. Defeating Marco Rubio is priority one. [emphasis added]

This "attack" can only help Rubio raise funds among Republicans and conservatives.

By the way, they're calling Marco Rubio a dangerous, militaristic, insane bigot who's defeat is "priority one". I thought these progressives were opposed to over the top hyperbole and hate-filled rhetoric.

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