Tuesday, August 31, 2010

'Canadian Idol' involved in terror plot

The profiles of three alleged Islamist extremists whom police say posed “a real and serious threat” to Ottawa and national security are at odds with the notion that terrorists exist on the margins of society. Two of the accused men are professionals — a doctor (and father of three) and an x-ray technician.

The third studied to be an electrical engineer. All are apparently intellectually mature individuals rooted in Canadian life. One even appeared on the reality program Canadian Idol. While much is still to be learned about them, poverty, deprivation and social alienation do not appear to have been part their alleged descent to homicidal hatred.

These were ordinary, upper middle class men living normal, upper middle class lives.

There's no way they could have been spotted in advance as potential terrorists . . . unless law enforcement engaged in prohibited profiling.

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