Sunday, August 8, 2010

Our friends the Afghans

Last week, an American sport-utility vehicle carrying embassy contractors was in a fatal collision with a car carrying Afghans in Kabul. The Afghan driver of the second vehicle caused the accident, and one Afghan died in the wreck.

How did our Afghan friends and allies react to this mundane event after almost a decade of U.S. sacrifice for their freedom?

The Kabul police have cleared a United States Embassy vehicle of fault for a deadly collision on Friday that set off anti-American rioting near the embassy, a senior police official said Sunday.

After the crash, hundreds of enraged onlookers threw rocks, chanted “Death to America” and set ablaze two American vehicles.

The intensity of the response revealed the deep-seated hostility toward Americans and raised fears of a repeat of the pandemonium that swept the city and left 14 people dead after a fatal crash in May 2006. In that case, a truck in an American convoy plowed into a dozen Afghan cars and killed at least five people.

Why do we continue to send our children off to die for people who neither want us there nor appreciate our efforts? Let them rot.

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