Friday, August 6, 2010

Mohammad Najibullah Ahmadzai

He was the Communist president of Afghanistan installed up by the Soviets, propped up by the Soviet military, and left in charge when the Soviets withdrew.
Najibullah was forced to seek shelter at the UN compound in the capital [Kabul], remaining there for four years. In 1996 . . . [forces] surrendered the city to the Taliban. Najibullah was tortured, castrated, and killed in September 1996 by the Taliban.

Like the Soviets before us, we are trying to establish an Afghan government that can insure order after we leave.

In fact, if and when U.S. forces ever withdraw from Afghanistan, the Afghan government officials we intend to leave behind to run the place will either leave with us or be killed.

Ultimately, we will accomplish nothing in Afghanistan.

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